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Disclaimer: Unless otherwise noted, I have not stayed in the lodgings listed here and make no recommendation as to their quality. Most listings are for organizations of hostels and other lodgings, many of which have their own standards of quality. I leave it entirely to you to do normal due diligence in choosing where you stay.

This page is way out of date, and I have no intention of maintaining it. However, I suspect most of what I list still exists and can still be found via search engines, and I suspect that many of the links are still valid, so I keep it posted for you. But please do not send me updates for this page. I will not maintain it.

Hostels and cheap lodging world wide: Start here. This is the most complete listing anywhere.  You may not need any other link.)
HI Hostels . (Links to HI organizations world wide.)
HI Hostels. (Another listing of links to HI organizations world wide.)
Budget Travel (A listing hostels world wide is just one of a great many useful features of this sprawling site.) (This site says you can book a hostel with them world wide. I haven't tried it.) (Reviews and photos of some of the hostels listed. On line booking, which I haven't tried. This site was only a few months old February 2003, so listings are very incomplete, but the admirable intent is to have information and eventually reviews and photos for every hostel worldwide.)
BootsnAll Hostel guide (On line booking available. I haven't used it.)
Crazy Dog Travel Guide
Experience Paradise (Click on Hostels Search in the left menu.)
The (Worldwide listings of hostels.)< (Worldwide listings of hostels.)
AOL's listing of hostels worldwide.
Amazon Road's (Small listing of hostels worldwide.)
STA Travel (Cheap lodging and travel for full time students.) (A listing of over 27000 B&B's and Inns worldwide.)
Council Travel. (A listing of budget hotels worldwide.)
Hotel Formule 1. (A listing of Accor budget hotels in Europe, Australia, South Africa, Japan, and Brazil. Same outfit as Motel 6, I think.)
Ibis Hotels. (More Accor hotels worldwide)

Agriturismo. (A listing of farm stays worldwide.)


Hostels and other cheap lodging in the U.S.: (Start here. Very extensive listing.)
The Hostel Handbook.
Backpackers Hostels Canada. (A very good listing of U.S. Hostels can be found at this Canadian site. Includes lots of independent hostels.)
Western Region of HI AYH hostels.
HI Hostels in the U.S.
AOL's listing of U.S. Hostels.
Motel 6. (The least expensive nationwide motel chain in the U.S.)
Appalachian Mountain Club. (Lodges, huts, and shelters, Northeast U.S.)
YMCA New York City. Seven relatively inexpensive lodging options in New York City.


Canada: (Start here. Very extensive listing)
Hostelling International Canada (HI Hostels in Canada)
Backpackers Hostels Canada(independent hostels in Canada)
The Hostel Handbook
SameSun Backpackers Lodges Private hostel and budget lodges in British Columbia.
AOL's listing of Canadian Hostels 


Europe: (Start here.  You may not have to look further.) (Extensive listings and reviews of hostels in Europe)
Hostels of Europe (Independent European Hostels)
European Hostel Guidebook (Huge listing of Hostels in Europe)

ETAP(Accor hotels in Europe. Same outfit as Motel 6.)
Hotel Formule 1(More Accor hotels in Europe.)
Ibis Hotels(Still more Accor hotels in Europe.)

Britain on Budget (budget accommodation in Britain)
Youth Hostels Association of England and Wales (YHA hostels) (London hostels, and an online booking engine)
International Student's House (University housing in London available to the public)
Travel Inn (England's answer to Motel 6)

Irish Youth Hostels Association(YHA hostels in Ireland) in Ireland)
Independent Holiday Hostels (Independent hostels in Ireland)
Hostelling International Northern Ireland

Scottish International Hosteling(YHA hostels in Scotland)
Scottland's Top Hostels (network of 10 hostels in Scotland)
Highland Hostels Scotland(hostels and budget accommodations in the Highlands of Scotland)
Hoppo(budget accommodations in Scotland)

Association Interdpartementale des Auberges de Jeunesse (YHA hostels in France)
La Ligue Française pour les Auberges de la Jeunesse (Best I can tell, this is an government supported private hostel network in France.) (hostels in Paris, France)
Gîtes de France (A variety of lodgings in France)

Italian Youth Hostel Association(HI hostels in Italy)

SoftGuideMadrid (Hostels, pensions, and hotels in Spain.) (Hostels in Switzerland)
Sleep on Straw (Sleep in the straw at a farm for very little money - includes breakfast from locally grown products. Switzerland.)
E&G Swiss Budget Hotels (relatively inexpensive hotels in (Switzerland)

Deutsches Jugendherbergswerk (HI hostels in Germany) (cheap accommodations in Berlin, Germany)

Dutch Youth Hostel Association (HI hostels in the Netherlands)

Bed and Breakfast Norway (Bed and Breakfasts in Norway)
Streetwise (Budget guide to Oslo, Norway)

Bed and Breakfast Service (Stockholm, Sweden)

Danhostel (hostels in Danmark)
Dansk Bed and Breakfast (Denmark Bed and Breakfasts)

Travelers Youth Hostels(hostels in Budapest, Hungary)

Global Hosting Service Ltd. (Provides home stays in English speaking homes, budget hotels, and other travel services in various cities in Russia.) If you use this program, please let me know how you liked it.
St. Petersburg International Hostel (Russia)



Icelandic Youth Hostel Association (HI hostels in Iceland)
Timerider's guide to cheap accommodation in Iceland (More on Iceland hostels.)
Iceland on the Web (Cheap and other lodging in Iceland)


New Zealand:

Budget Backpacker Hostels (In my opinion, the best hostels in New Zealand. All independent, mostly small.)
YHA New Zealand (HI Hostels in New Zealand)
VIP Backpackers Resorts (Larger independent hostels in New Zealand)
Nomads New Zealand (Independent hostel chain in NZ)
Jason's New Zealand (Huge New Zealand lodging listings. Very useful. Check out the booking help.)
Destination Downunder (Uses the same data base as Jason's, but has other links useful to those looking for cheap travel.)
Holiday Parks New Zealand (Great deals on cabins and rooms within parks for R.V.'s in New Zealand. I have used it and recommend it.)
Budget Motel Chain International (Budget motel chain in NZ and Australia.  I recommend it.)
Auckland Central Backpackers. Especially useful multi-purpose site for hostelers for all of NZ. Cheap everything.)
Nomad's World (Private hostel network in NZ)



YHA Australia (Hostels in Australia)
Nomads World (Private hostel network in Australia)
Budget Motel Chain International (Budget motel chain in NZ and Australia. I recommend it.)
Backpacker Cupons (Savings cupons on accommodation, tours, and more in Australia)
Hotels Formule 1(Inexpensive hotels in Australia. Same outfit as Motel 6, I think.)


Far East:>

Nomads Vietnam (Hostel in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)


South of U.S.:

Backpackers Hostels Canada(This great Canadian site lists independent hostels in Mexico and Belize)
Costa Rica Home Pages (Extensive, extremely useful list of Costa Rica lodgings by region and price.)
Ibis Hotels (Same company as Motel 6, but in Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina)



HI south Africa(HI hostels in South Africa)
Just Backpacking - Southern Africa (Hostels in South Africa)
La Ligue Française pour les Auberges de la Jeunesse (Best I can tell, this is an government supported private French hostel network in France, Morocco, Guienea, and Sudan.)
Hotels Formule 1 and ETAP (Accor nexpensive hotels in South Africa. Same outfit as Motel 6.)
Ibis Hotels (More Accor hotels in Morocco, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Mosambique, and Madagascar)



Japan National Tourist Organization (Click on the accommodations button for budget and other accommodations in Japan)


Pacific Islands:

Figi For Less (Budget accommodations in Fiji)


Middle East:

Hosteling International Israel (HI Israel)


Useful bulletin boards on which you can find people's opinions on hostels.  Use your find in page function to find what you want.

The Hosteler's Virtual Bulletin Board of
Budget Travel Message Board
Hostels of Europe Message Center 


Write to me. If you have additional links that are similar to the ones above, please write to me. Also please write if you find any dead links. Note: I will not accept listings for individual hostels, unless such a hostel is the only one in a country (like the Vietnam listing).