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Click for Miles, Money, and Good Causes

I started this page many years ago for the several good programs that allow earning of miles or points convertible to miles just for clicking. They were so good I listed this as the first page on my website. Alas, most of these programs went out of business. But there are still a few left that are worthwhile (especially MyPoints and Swagbucks.) Recently I have discovered a few really easy to use programs that offer money instead of miles for receiving emails and clicking on them, and several that help causes by clicking on them. I include them on the bottom of this page.

There is a trick to using these programs without getting annoyed by them. Most of them take a little time (a few seconds to half a minute) to down load anything after you click on something that gives you miles or money. If you simply stare at the screen waiting for the down load to happen, you will quickly conclude that it's not worth your time to do so. The trick is to always be doing something else while the down load is happening. I do all of my clicking while reading and acting on my e-mail. I have at least two screens open. I go the site and click, then instantly go to my e-mail. After doing something there, I instantly switch screens and click again. Etc. So the clicking costs me virtually no time, and I earn a free ticket or a few dollars every once in a while.



Click for Miles

Here is what's left of those original programs, plus a few new ones.


MyPoints The MyPoints program is one of my favorites. It gives me a free ticket on United Airlines about once a year, or a free Home Depot gift certificate regularly, for doing virtually nothing, with almost no inconvenience. You usually earn 5 per click. And then there are much larger points offers for signing up for free things, visiting web sites, and actually buying stuff through the huge MyPoints shopping portal. That shopping portal is becoming one of the better ones.

You can convert points to United Airlines starting at a ratio of 3,200 points for 1,000 miles. There are other travel awards, including some from large hotel chains like Marriott Bed & Breakfast, plus a huge list of gift cards and merchandise for which you may trade your points, including those from American and Delta Airlines. You can also use points to get gift cards, Visa gift cards, or even cash to your Paypal accounts. To look at the rewards offered, travel or otherwise, click on the Rewards tab on the MyPoints site, and choose the category the interests you.

There are lots of very easy ways to earn those points:

  • The easiest is to sign up for their BonusMail program and tell them you want to receive advertising e-mail for as many categories as they list, and as frequently as possible. I receive about 10 - 30 mailings a week. Simply click on the button at the bottom and you are given 5 points. Many of the offers are incredibly good and offer hundreds or thousands of points in addition to the points you receive for just accepting the email and clicking on the button.
The MyPoints site itself has lots of ways to earn points:
  • Shopping sometimes offers very good offers, like mega points for first time purchase, or double points for certain periods of time. There is a very large list of merchants on this very successful shopping portal. Sometimes the best or only deal for a merchant is found here.
  • The Easy Points section is particularly lucrative. Many points are offered for simply registering at a site.
  • Log into your account and update your profile in 12 categories for 5 points each. This may be important for receiving the maximum number of Bonus Mails.
  • MyPoints has a travel center page wherein you can receive points for booking flights, hotels, and car rentals.
How to enroll:
  • Enroll here (best to do this in a private window) to earn 750 United Airlines miles for registering and activating your MyPoints account, and enjoying your membership for 30 days. Then earn an additional 1,000 MileagePlus bonus award miles when you make one or more qualifying purchase(s) totaling $25 in your first 30 days of membership.
  • You can ask me to refer you (750 or 1,750 points after spending $20 in your first 90 days as of January 25, 2014 - contradictory info on the website). I get some points at no cost to you. After you join, you can start referring, too. But first read the items below:
    • Before sending your request, check my What's New page to see if I am traveling, so you will know when to expect a response.
    • I need your first and last names, and your email address.
    • In the past, some people I have referred have attempted to defraud MyPoints, probably by enrolling more than once under different email addresses. MyPoints is very good at detecting this. Alas, they have threatened to close my account because too many of my referrals have tried this. So, in order to refer you, I must have your written promise that you will sign up for MyPoints only once. for United Kingdom residents is a program for United Kingdom residents only. They offer 3,000 points for signing up, and up to 5,000 points for referrals. (Their rules seem to indicate that they are very sensitive to fraudulent referrals, so be honest and be careful.) Then you earn points for clicking (you can use only up to 7,000 per ticket redeemed), shopping, or signing up for free things on their excellent special offers page. 25,000 points gets you a ticket within the European Economic System, or a generous credit for a higher priced ticket. See the FAQ's and the rules for details.

This looks like a very good program, but I have no way of monitor it, since I do not live in the U.K. So you are on your own with it.

On February 27, 2008, a reader wrote:

"I see you still have Eurmiles shown on your site. They are a disingenuous company who does not provide what they say at all, NEVER provide the additional points for any transaction, and take 4-6 weeks to respond to any e-mail to customer services. All comments I have seen about them are very negative. I have canceled my account with them. It was a waste of my time and I strongly suggest you remove them from your site."


Surveys   A number of programs offering miles or points towards miles for completing surveys are listed in the Surveys section of my Other Programs I Like page. Most require only clicking to get the credit.



Click for Money

Here are the programs that offer money for clicking. Don't quit your day job, but do enjoy the occasional check you receive for doing almost nothing. (Come to think of it, you could spend the money at an iDine restaurant to earn some miles, if you like.)

Please use the links I provide to join the programs, as I get some money for your doing so, at no cost to you.


Swagbucks Swagbucks provides "Bucks" for searches, entering special SwagCodes, doing a daily one question survey (often fun), shopping, referring others, interacting on Swagbuck's Facebook page, commenting on Swagbucks's blog, and other stuff. Bucks can be redeemed for a very large selection of gift cards and other goodies. Some samples I found on March 17, 2015:
  • A very large number of gift cards from Amazon and a great many others - $5.00 for 500 "bucks". But note that Swagbucks discounts your first $25 gift card of the month to 2,200 SB. To see the list of gift cards, click on Rewards at the top of the page, then on Rewards Store in the pull-down, then on All Rewards. I found 542 of them on March 17, 2015.
  • A PayPal credits priced at 100 Swagbuck per $1.
  • Gift cards are put on sale regularly.
  • Please tell me if any of the specific prizes I mentioned disappear, or if a good one of general interest is added. Thanks.
The web site says that searches are by Yahoo. If you do several searches per day anyway, it would cost you little time to simply open your Swagbucks account in a separate window and use it to do your searches.

Not all searches result in bucks. This seems to be random, with some limit on how many successful searches will give you credit each day.

  • When you see the usual notice of award for a search, sometimes you must enter a 3 letter code to actually receive the buck. You must do this promptly, or the offer of the Swagbucks will expire. The code is case sensitive.

As of October 10, 2023, you can buy 2,000 Swagbucks for $21.95 (1.1 cent each). You can use a credit card that gives you something back, like miles, or perhaps 2%, or maybe just to reach your spend requirement for a bonus. Once a month you can use those SBs to purchase a Visa gift card($25 for 2175 SBs) or an Amazon gift card ($25 for 2200 SBs) at a discount - less than the usual 1 cent per SB for most gift cards. To buy the SBs, either click here or click on Rewards at the top of your Swagbucks home page, then on BUY SB. Caution: The address for your credit card must match the address on file with Swagbucks.

Be sure to provide a date for your birthday in you profile. They have been sending out an email giving you Swagbucks on that date.

Be sure to sign up for Member Recognition to get extra worthwhile goodies, like an extra 2 hours to grab a swagcode, or extra points for redeeming for a gift card. The link was in the left menu on December 17, 2020. Very easy.

  • Entering Swagcodes found at various places on the website is a very easy way to earn Swagbucks. Fortunately there is a very easy way to find these. You can subscribe to email or text notices of swagcodes at Swag Codes Spoiler. Sign up at its notifications page. Enter the code by hovering on the number of points you have on the Swagbucks home page and clicking on Redeem Swag Code. I am finding that the code works even after Swag Codes Spoiler says it has expired.

Swagbucks now has a credit card that might be of interest to you.

A reader provided me with a list of many other easy ways to earn Swagbucks. He says he gets around 20-25 bucks/day from these.

  • Click on Daily Polls, answer the single question, and receive 1 SB.
  • Click on Trusted surveys - 1 SB even if you don't do any.
  • Click through the NOSO link - decline everything [between 3-6 pages] - get 2 SB [currently requires a code that they provide on the final page].
  • Click through 'Special offers'. They have several sites to try in turn to play videos.
    • Ad Rewards gives you 5 videos per day to watch. Watch for the numbers and key them in. You get at least 1 SB per video, often more
    • Click though the other sites and press videos, or free. Click on any videos. You get 1 or 2 SB per video. You do not need to watch these; just let them run.

Whenever you successfully refer someone, you earn 10% of the Swag Bucks they earn for life, plus you and your referral get a 300 SB Bonus when your referral earns 300 SB within their first 30 days. Click on Refer and Earn $3 at the top of the home page. This, of course, is why I hope you will use my referral link to join the program. Thanks. Also, get an extra 100 SB when someone you refer adds the SwagButton on their laptop or desktop. Here is my referral link to the SwagButton.


Good Causes

You can help some good causes by going to their websites and clicking once on each button. It's easy money for them, and easy to do for you. Its free to you. Businesses provide the money by advertising on the websites. You can put all of these bookmarked in one file in your favorites folder. Or, easier, just click on the ones you like below. Each opens in a new window. It takes me about 3 minutes a day to do all of those I care to support, and it makes me feel good.

I have not checked out the validity of any of these causes. Presumably the businesses financing the causes have done due diligence.

I also list a nifty way to contribute your unused computer power to do some very useful research.

If you find other good causes I might want to list here, please tell me about them. Thanks.


Just Click   All of these require a simple click to support a good cause. Easy. I just bring up this list in a separate window and click while doing other things on my computer.

Greater Good. Eleven causes to which you can contribute just by clicking. Save rainforest, coastal habitat, and Wilderness, protect endangered species. Click on a brown button. Click on an ad on the page you get to increase the contribution. Then go back and click on the next brown button. There is a a way to register, but it is not clear if this is necessary.

Brother Earth. Choose one activity you want to support and click the "Donate" button daily. Brother will make a donation of one yen (approximately equal to one cent U.S.) per one click on your behalf.

ClicAnimaux (In French). Help to animals, mainly cats and dogs. I click on the yellow box and don't worry about the daily details.

Free Rice. Answer multiple choice questions on vocabulary as often as you like. Whenever you get a correct answer, 10 grains of rice are donated through the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) to help end world hunger. A caution from personal experience: My S.O. found this website. Now I must use it regularly, or soon I will not be able to understand a word she says. A huge list of websites on which to do good by clicking. Categories are Hunger & Poverty, Health, Education, Environment, and Animals. Many are in languages other than English - perhaps one you can read?


Share Your Unused Computer Power For Good Causes Most computers aren't using all their computing power at a given time. Even when you are engaged in a game, creating graphics, surfing the web, you may only be employing a fraction of your machine's available computing power. Distributed computing involves a small, secure software agent for individuals to download to their machine that can save this wasted power and put it to use. The software acts as a cool looking screensaver, and does computations for very large worthwhile projects that otherwise could not be accomplished.

The first and most famous of the projects was SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), but currently there is a huge number of them. Categories on March 31, 2008, included

  • Science (22 projects)
  • Life Sciences (22 projects)
  • Cryptography (7 projects)
  • Internet (9 projects)
  • Financial (2 projects)
  • Mathematics (44 projects)
  • Art (4 projects)
  • Puzzles/Games (5)
  • Miscellaneous (2)
Currently my computer is working on the Folding at Home project listed in the Life Sciences category, which seeks to discover a way to predict how various human proteins fold, essential to cancer research. There is a polite and very helpful support forum for this program.

I have been using this type of software since 2001 and have had no problems with it. It is a very smooth, easy way to contribute to valuable research at no cost to you.

Click here to read about the process and find the links to the various programs.


Help research Alzheimer's disease by finding blood vessel blockages Stall Catchers is an online game that anyone can play. By analyzing blood vessels in a live mouse brain, you can help speed up ground-breaking Alzheimer's research at Cornell University. Stall catchers recruits an army of people to find blockages in blood vessels of the brains of mice with induced Alzheimer's disease. Such clogged vessels are found in human victims of the disease. First step in understanding this is to study same in mice. Since there are zillions of blood vessels in one brain, it would take forever for scientists to find those which are clogged. So they crowd source this, asking us to find them. Explanation and training is provided, and it is fun and interesting to help. I would start with the short videos at the fifth button from the top on the right, and then on the bottom button. It doesn't take much time to get good at it. The study is run by Cornell University. I found it via partner Cal Berkeley, my alma mater  

Thanks to BoardingArea for donating the web space for this web site.